A Trust is a relationship where assets are held by individuals or a corporate entity for the benefit of another. Trusts can be used to hold a variety of assets including property, investments, bank deposits and life insurance policies.

Trusts are a widely used vehicle for asset protection and offer a great deal protection and security over your assets.

Our Services

  • Provision of professional, independent or corporate Trustees
  • Formation, registration, transfer or termination of Trusts on your behalf
  • Assurance of adherence to the investment objectives
  • Assurance of tax-efficient operations
  • Provision of bespoke solution to regulatory constraints
  • Maintenance of the Trust’s records
  • Management of Secretarial and governance aspects relating to your Trust
  • Registration of the trust with the relevant local authorities
  • Arrangement and facilitation of Trustee meetings
  • Preparation and execution of Trustee resolutions
  • Signing and execution of any required statutory documentation
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