Affinity are approved by Identity Malta as an Accredited Agent and are therefore able to submit applications directly to government on behalf of our clients.

You will be provided with a dedicated member of staff who will take you and your client through the entire process. We will arrange property viewings, meetings with banks, tax advisers, local lawyers, global health insurance and meetings with Identity Malta.

We will complete all the necessary forms, collate all the due diligence and ensure that the information presented to Identity Malta is complete and accurate in order to ensure there are no unnecessary delays encountered.

Individual Investor Programme (“IIP”)

In February 2014 the Maltese Government launched the programme which is designed to facilitate Maltese Citizenship through investment by non-Maltese nationals and their dependants.Under the terms of the programme, reputable foreign individuals and their dependants who qualify are entitled to be granted full citizenship in Malta.

The IIP is the first programme of its kind to be recognised by the European Commission who has acknowledged the legality of the initiative. You can visit the Maltese Government’s IIP website here

Malta Residence and Visa Programme (“MRVP”)

In 2015 Maltese Government launched the programme which is designed to provide international investors with residency rights. These rights will apply only for non-EU / EEA / Swiss Nationals.The new programme falls under the Immigration Act and is available to both the applicant and also their dependants subject to the below qualifications.

The qualifications and general requirements for the issuing of a certificate under these regulations are that such person:

(a) is at least eighteen years of age;
(b) meets the application requirements;
(c) has a clean criminal record (as do his dependants), has passed the due diligence test and is a fit and proper person;
(d) commits himself to provide proof of title to a qualifying property which may be either of the following:

  • A qualifying owned property purchased at a consideration of not less than two hundred and seventy thousand euro (€270,000) for a property situated in Gozo or in the south of Malta, or three hundred and twenty thousand euro (€320,000) for a property situated elsewhere in Malta.
  • A qualifying rented property, taken on lease for a rent of not less than ten thousand euro (€10,000) per annum for a property situated in Gozo or in the south of Malta, or not less than twelve thousand euro (€12,000) per annum for a property situated elsewhere in Malta.

(e) commits himself to a qualifying investment of an initial value of two hundred and fifty thousand euro (€250,000) which must be held for a minimum of period of 5 years from the date of certificate;
(f) commits himself to pay in full a contribution of thirty thousand euro (€30,000) in accordance with these regulations;
(g) has not had his application deemed to be against the public interest.

The Malta Residence and VISA Agency is entrusted with the running of the programme. Each application has to be administered by a registered accredited person or registered approved agent with The Malta Residence and VISA Agency.

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